Saturday, 15 February 2014

Ain't going anywhere

So I woke up early on my day off. Put some clean clothes on and all.
Had booked my capsule hotel, was ready to sip a coffee with the friend-of-my-mother's-friend-of-the-cousin-partner's-friend's-sister-in-law.
 I went to the door ready to walk to the Shinkansen for Tokyo, like every week end.
That was the front door.

No Tokyo ping pong, coffee or strolling for me.
Yeeehhhheeee heeeheeeheeee!

I shall ask for a salary increase for snow shovelling.

James: Hey, I learned a new word today - in 20 years I never ever camer across it...
Fang: What's that?
James: Service Suspended.
Fang: Oh, wow... Hey, Jim?
James: Yes?
Fang: Do I get more money for shovelling snow on my day off?
James: No.
Fang: Ah. Alright.

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