Sunday, 9 February 2014


Also, on the train,
sometimes you don't know if they are clouds or buildings.

Also, the public bath is the best thing ever. Especially when there's a meter of snow outside. I need to speak to Anne and Tom about this... for very different reasons. But yeah. Public bath: go go go.
Also, I ate until I was totally full at a kaiten sushi and it cost me:... 2.53 euros.
Also, I'm sorry but the lattes taste better in Japan.
Also, I bought plastic waterproof cute shoes made in Japan for 12 euros.
Also, Tower Record is probably one of the best place on earth to discover music, and to hide away from, I don't know, a massive snow storm for example.
Also, I need new feet, mine are completely destroyed despite changing shoes 3 times - I will very probably walk on my hands for the next 2 days to give my feet a rest.

So, after being totally buried in the snow in Shibuya (Shibuya as dead as a donut on a Saturday night is a pretty ghostly scenery - obviously the only people stupid enough to get out in a snow storm being foreigners),
spanking all my money on English books and panda-face-making-tools-with-seaweed-yay,
 and MORE black pens and brushes (I completely admit it, I am obsessed with black pens for drawing and calligraphy, the quality of the stuff in Japan for the price is not helping me reduce my collection though), as well as looking for a ping pong club that didn't exist and therefore entering buildings and basement and top floors to ask my way (man, I went into a basement with no light or anything and knocked on a door that looked like no one opened it since 1990, and sure enough loads of people were working behind it, and then there was something 'cafe' on the last floor so I went too and it was a warm open office, nothing to do at all with a coffee shop, but hey nobody could resist helping a poor wet tall white girl - anyways that club just didn't exist but it was great to speak to so many people willing to help), ok after all this,
I met Kenichi-san who gave me a flipping I-Phone 4S, just like that, that was sitting at his home because the home button is malfunctioning.
Like. Just gave it to me. One of the most useful tool for learning kanjis. That can also act as an mp3 player, with a memory of 16 gb. Just like that.WHAAAAAAT? I know. In french, you would say ' I have/(s)he has her bum surrounded with noodles' which doesn't make any sense but means I am really f-word-ing lucky.

Talking about Kanjis, more Japanese came out of my mouth in one day than in 3 weeks, the moral of the story being: I need to meet friendly Japanese human beings where I live as a matter of urgency. Because my japanese ain't going to get better talking to the cat.
I mean, I have no social life whatsoever but hey, the toilets seats are heated and the food is good!
Which is alright for a bit. I now need to pass my car-snow-boarding license (yes at the moment, this is not DRIVING, it's snow-boarding with a car) and get to a school, however far it is.
I need to get there fast.

Also, in Japan, people don't have a phone with the internet in it. They have a little wifi modem that fits into a pocket to provide internet to their phone. And you thought those Japanese guys were well ahead of us tech wise... well let me tell you it came as a bit of a shock to see everybody walking around with a wifi box but hey. Sometimes you just have to... not comment... I guess...

And then I just went to sleep.

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