Sunday, 2 March 2014

Panda Usagi koala

I am too full and it is too dark for me to relate my past few days in Tokyo now.

Let's just say I bought myself a birthday present I have been wanting for a long time,
I laughed with people I didn't know a few hours until midnight in a hostel (see, brushing up my social skills, see, I can talk to someone else than the cat AND make a joke that human beings beside myself find funny - though the ones that make nobody laughs but me are the funniest, I find),
I found out that  middle-age to old japanese table tennis players just love to coach even when you just want to play, and that I am still the only female in the room, and also I found out that falling on your hand hurts (your hand) (and your ego) (especially when you are just walking and not asking for any trouble),
I can carry a 4 year old a backpack and a suitcase out of a train,
I am a complete sucker for rilakkuma  (I swear i didn't look for the store, I happen to walk pass, I swear),
and Japanese anti-allergy drugs will make you sleepy but kick ass.

More soon.
More table tennis soon.
More japanese soon.

Hey, has anyone seen prince-charming? You know? Japanese, not speaking a word of english, tatooed, fit, cute, nice, friendly, rich, interesting, a bit older than me, with dark eyes? Nope?
Ah. That's what I thought. Me neither. Please send him my way next time you see him.
Tell him I said panda usagi pyjamas.

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