Friday, 31 January 2014

11 days? Seriously?

Water coming out of the rock. Like, for real.

Oh my fu**ing goodness it is friday... I've been here eleven days...?! Where did they go???
This week-end I am free. None of my Japanese friends in Tokyo seem to be (what and idea though, to have a family or to study at university, who thinks of that stuff...?), but hey, me and my Japanese Residency Card don't need anybody to go and jump around in the city of Tokyo!

Jim ' So, why are you going to do in Tokyo?'
Fang: 'huh... Walk around...? 
...And drink matcha latte when I'm tired...? And buy cute stupid stuff I don't need, then walk some more...?'
Jim: 'Sounds good!'

I will sleep in a capsule in a hostel, to brush up on my social skills in case some nice people are around and not hurt my wallet (it cost like 23 quids, but that's because I took the Economy capsule as opposed to the Luxure capsule - I didn't dare to ask what the difference is).

Tonight I am alone in the house.
I am planning on watching Sen to Chihiro (Spirited Away) in Japanese with the smelly cat and some left over curry I did yesterday.

Man, I made some vegan cookies AND vegan curry, and the kids happily ate BOTH!
And as of yesterday, I can bath a 7 and 4 year old and put them to bed with not a single tear from any of them. Check me out.

On the way to some coffee, the ice on the wooden outdoor floor boards.
Do not think of tattoos. Do not think of tattoos. No no no. Do not think of tattoos.


Ps: Natto.
I thought I was brave enough.
I thought, if I can eat a maki with natto in, I can do this.
I am a vegan. This thing is the graal of veganism: putrid smelly rotten beans, it's gotta be good. Come on.
So I took the package, removed the lid, steered in the mustard, discarded the fishy sauce, and stirred some more because some dude said this is how you 'activate' it. IT MAKES NOISE MAN. It makes noise like a fizzy drink when you stop stirring. It has more strings than the meltiest cheese you've ever seen, like tiny invisible strings that do NOT break, however high you raise your chopstick to break them and then avoid the natto falling on your head from up there, and you consequently cannot eat natto without getting natto on your chin and top and scarf and all.
It's stringy and gooey and although I am not a texture person, I am sorry but if you were eating what comes out in the tissue when you have a very productive cough, well that would feels like natto. Stirring the bastard activates the smell, more like. And then your breath smells like it - well my friend, I do not need this in my life. It stinks of death. I managed 3 spoons with rice. Then I just gave up. And washed my hands and teeth for 10 minutes...

** UPDATE **
 I finished the bastard natto bowl. I could't stand being defeated, but then again, even as a vegan, I will NEVER ever accept any criticism of french smelly cheese again in my whole life.
 The worse smelling cheese in France smells like roses and tulips next to natto. I am serious.

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