Saturday, 18 January 2014

Left the Uk under rain and rainbow.
An avalanche of cards with thoughtful words filling up my self-confidence tank,
a CD with the best of the Spice Girls for when I miss the british Radio playing the best of the 90s 24h a day like it's normal,
loads of books for thinking and books for enjoying,
a little silver ambulance on my keyring not to forget the NHS team I worked with (maybe I'll work with paramedics one day who knows)
and so many other presents and hugs it just won't fit in my brain (it does in my heart, though).
And a last Starbucks with Paola before a last day of work.

Man, who knew my british and international friends were such good huggers? I would have done it more had I known.

Now, is 4 coats to many coats for 12 months (it's now -8 degrees)?
I compromised on the number of cameras (only 3), and of the 60ish blank diaries and note books I have I only took 4. Obviously that's because the number of pair of shoes is less negotiable.
Now unless my dad an I kill each other over Veganism/Vegetarianism (we nearly did at lunch time AND in the supermarket)
and unless my mum and I kill each other about which clothes I would like to take (you would think that would be my choice at 25... Well think East European, think Jewish mother,then think again),
 I shall be on the plane with my imaginary friends towards a new life in Japan by the day after tomorrow ('assatte' in Japanese, isn't it great, they have one single word for 'the day after tomorrow' - probably the ONLY practical word in Japanese, but I have a lot to learn...).

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