Saturday, 25 January 2014

cotton buds and momosan.

Ok let's not speak about me being ill for two days, not being able to do the job I'm paid to do because standing up was taking about all the energy I had, having vegetable soup made for me (as opposed to MAKE the flipping soup), sweating literally buckets at night so that it looked like I had had a shower during the night when coming out of bed, and other wonderful feelings associated with being ill. Fun. Joy. Love.

No, let's not... Instead: let's speak about cotton buds.
Man, for someone like me who cannot stand not having clean ears, Japan is once again where I ought to be. They have cotton buds you wouldn't have seen in your wildest dream. I will from now on go around with a camera (from now on as in now that I can walk and respond when I'm talked to as opposed to go 'mmeeehhh...?') and I will take pictures of the dozens of available cotton buds when I go to the supermarket (which is like soon, because it's been 5 days I am in Japan and I only had one single inari sushi and that's just not on, you know, I'd rather be paid in inari sushi than Yen, talking of which I still don't have the slightest idea of how much a hundred yen is worth in euros or pound, which is for the best, probably,...).

There are black cotton buds (do NOT ask me why), pink ones (again, don't...), massive end ones that will not let you go too far and pierce your ear drum (am I the only dumb ass that did this?... Twice?) which means it will just probably block your ear canal little by little, oh the joy. There's also single metallic designy-jewlery-looking ones with images of happy smiley women on the packaging, and I was told about the traditional tool the Japanese use to clean their ears which is, apparently, a small bamboo spoon (that you clean your ear with) with a feather on the other end (to 'reward' yourself and tickle your ear once it's clean...I know. What the hell.)

Enough about cotton bud paradise.
Time to join the momo-san  having a party over my head everynight while I'm falling asleep (this is what I hope it looks like by the way, for I was warned it's the weirdest looking animal with massive red eyes...)

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