Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday, tofu sundayyyyy

Please say hello to the transgender cat of the house. This is Cherry, who was born in a male body but really feels like a woman inside.
Cherry is also known as ''you little git''. I already cleaned his - sorry her- pee and I've been here less than 5 days.

Cherry, life as a teenager transgender cat in High Karuizawa, full interview page 19

Please meet a vegan in the Tofu section of a japanese supermarket.
A vegan in a tofu section that large usually bares a smile. Hence, the vegan in the photo below smiles.

Tofu tofu tofu tofu tofu -
Yes some unhype vegan still like and eat tofu (especially fresh local one). Get used to it, you non bean eater,

More food and WTF moments associated with discovering life in Japan soon, in your weekly show Fang-is-in-japan-what-the-hell. Thanks for watching, and good night.

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